Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wonderwoman comes to Town

A scurrilous rag is apparently being circulated in Ramsgate outlining the so called acheivments of wannabe MP Laura Sandys. Sadly one has yet to drop through Observers door so I have had to rely on second hand copies. Apart from claiming to have sorted out just about everything thats wrong in Thanet generally she has also claimed credit for one or two specific things. One of these has provoked the ire of Labours Mike Harrison and Richard Nicholson. These two worthies have been campaigning for months to get CCTV cameras installed on the Newington Estate and it now seems that the lovely Laura is claiming credit for this. I am told that there have been a series of about twenty different meetings to discuss this and at no point has she been involved at all. Of course this is a well known Politico's trick to claim credit for someone elses deeds but normally you wait until after you are actually elected to something.
During my break from blogging Observer has been digging around in the bowels of TDC for interesting snippets and readers wont be suprised to learn that this much needed and widely supported CCTV scheme had apparently been put on hold by a very Senior Officer of our esteemed Council. How will the lovely Laura react when she discovers that one of her 'triumphs' has been scuppered by her Tory cronies at TDC?
Fortunatly all is not lost as Labour insiders tell me that Councillors Nicholson and Harrison have been making some very loud and uncomfortable noises at the very highest level including to Chief Inspector Peter West from the local Old Bill who's idea this was originally, indeed he even put some Police money into it to make sure it went ahead as speedily as possible.
More information as I get it.

Observing Thanet and Thanet Observer

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I am not so sure about the idea of spinning a name around and using it as your own, but hey thats the Internet for you. Good luck to the new Blogger whoever he/she may be, shame he/she has banned political in fighting,,,,,,,,,,,thats half the fun of Blogging,,,,,,,