Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Seconds Out!

My moles tell me that all is not well in the Blue corner for the forthcoming battle of the Parties. Apparently a trio of high profile Tories have been unceremoniously dumped out of the ring. The Tartan Terror has been punted from St Peters, the Bearded Wonder has vacated Viking. and Miss Prim has been clobbered in Cliffsend, also of course the Dentist deserted Birchington. You can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from here. what further shocks are there in store for unsuspecting sitting Tory Councillors?.

Meanwhile in the Red corner all is apparently going smoothly in the battle to become candidates for next years big contest.
Round one to the Red team!

But what of the others I hear you cry, well as yet I have not heard of any movement in the Yellow corner but as soon as I do it will be posted here, the Kalidescope corner has been very quiet apart from a few rumblings in the Westgate area but maybe there will be a renaisance of the 'Independant Spirit' ( or closet Tories ) in the North of the Isle.

Of course the disaffected and disenchanted erstwhile Councillors who have failed and failed again will no doubt hitch there wagons to the Ghengis Kahn party in the forlorn hope that there will be a surge of bigotry in Thanet.

It promises to be the most interesting local election for many years.

Oh no, another Jonathan, !!

So the local Tories have at last found a successor to whatsisname who had several abortive attempts to unseat Steve Ladyman.
It seems from the reports that this lovely Tory Gal is the answer to all our prayers. According to the synchophantic report in last weeks Gazette this angel of politics is going to swoop down and sort all Thanets problems with one wave of her magic wand. Then according to the Chairman of the Thanet South Tories she is going to be 'just like Jonathan'
Surely I cant be the only person who remembers the CONVICTED CRIMINAL who was our MP?
So it seems that according to her Chairman this lovely lady (sic) is doomed to go the way of our previous Tory MP and spend a good amount of time behind bars and then become a born again christian going round spreading goodness and light desperatly trying to forget past mistakes, or perhaps reflecting that the only mistake was getting caught.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bubbles Bursting.

So has Dave the Chameleon's bubble finally burst?
It seems from the latest opinion polls that the British public have at last seen what those of us who take notice of these things ( there are about 17 in Thanet !) have known since day 1, that David Cameron is all show and no knickers. As he will no doubt discover this week you cannot be all things to all men ( and women) and the grass roots of the Tory Party are as resistant to change as they ever were.
The lack of any substance in his policies is of course reflected locally, Observer has a long memory and recalls Cllr Iris Johnston very publicly asking Sandy Ezekiel for a copy of the local Tory Manifesto.

below is a quote from The Labour Groups website
" The local Conservatives took control of Thanet District Council on May 1st but does anyone know what their plans for the area are? The Labour group produced a 17-page full manifesto before the election, widely available for anyone who requested it. However, the Conservative group still appear, after the election, not to have a manifesto. At the first full Council meeting after the election Cllr. Iris Johnston noted her concerns and asked the newly elected leader Cllr. Ezekiel if he had a copy of the missing manifesto. Cllr. Ezekiel replied that he had given a copy of the manifesto to the Chief Executive and that a copy would be available for Cllr. Johnstone at 10.30 the next morning. Cllr. Iris Johnstone duly turned up at the Council Office for her copy of the Conservative Manifesto, but was fobbed off with the claim it appeared on the Conservative Election address. This was despite the assurance from a flustered Cllr. Ezekiel the previous evening. Cllr. Ezekiel also told Cllr. Johnstone that the document that he has produced for the Chief Executive is "private & confidential". What are the Conservative group plans that are so secretive the electorate that voted for them cannot see? "

AFIK Cllr Johnston has never got her copy of the Local Tory Manifesto probably because it didnt exist nor have I heard of anyone else seeing it, so it seems that national Politico's are following Sandy's lead and making it up as they go along.