Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh no, another Jonathan, !!

So the local Tories have at last found a successor to whatsisname who had several abortive attempts to unseat Steve Ladyman.
It seems from the reports that this lovely Tory Gal is the answer to all our prayers. According to the synchophantic report in last weeks Gazette this angel of politics is going to swoop down and sort all Thanets problems with one wave of her magic wand. Then according to the Chairman of the Thanet South Tories she is going to be 'just like Jonathan'
Surely I cant be the only person who remembers the CONVICTED CRIMINAL who was our MP?
So it seems that according to her Chairman this lovely lady (sic) is doomed to go the way of our previous Tory MP and spend a good amount of time behind bars and then become a born again christian going round spreading goodness and light desperatly trying to forget past mistakes, or perhaps reflecting that the only mistake was getting caught.


One Voice In Thanet said...

Sadly, people have short memories and forget that Aitken was not the only liar, crook and cheat in the Tory Party - there were lots of them. Of course reminding the electorate of this is classed as negative campaigning. I prefer to think of it as reminding everyone of relevant recent history.

Anonymous said...

It is very apt that the Tories could find no one locally , even a tenious link, to stand for the South Thanet area. Locals are to have a resident of Westminster instead, someone who is hardly qualified to speak on behalf of all the residents in South Thanet. No doubt if elected, joking of course!, she will beat a hasty retreat back to 'civilization' to be then seen little of except when she is told to appear.

Anonymous said...

I hear now the "carpetbagger" from some posh part of London is to tour around the Island in a caravan! Hope it doesn't park in one place too long or we'll take them for travellers. Perhaps she is a country 'gal' at heart or as the Americans put it "trailer trash!!"