Friday, June 29, 2007

Down the pan , up the Swannee

So, Margate football club have finally been given their come uppance from the 'Authority'. Keith Piper has a long and distinguished history of making public statements that turn out not be 'not quite what I meant' or 'you obviously misunderstood me'.
Margate have tried several time to 'redevelope' their ground, only to change the plans at the last minute presumably hoping that no-one will notice the flats/houses/night club that have been slipped in.
The main trouble is that they have tried to run before they could walk, small wonder that there have been many transfer requests since the end of the season.
True Margate fans will be truly disappointed at the news of their clubs apparent demise.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't you try to proof read a little better? Your opinions would seem so much more credible if the text had fewer typos.