Friday, June 29, 2007

Olive Branch

I have changed the title back to Observing Thanet to please Tony Flaig.
I shall also be taking issue with him, politly of course, on his assertions about 'false science' in relation to global warming, if I can ever find the post again!!!
He has also accused me of erupting "in a rather venomous and bitter way", well, yes guilty as charged.
My venom and bile was directed at the Tories as usual but was charged by the devious, blustering and spin ridden way they have conned the good people of Thanet into returning them to power again locally, although good sense prevailed in Ramsgate, I am unable to comprehend how certain areas returned Tory Councillors.
Listening to them sometimes I think they are actually starting to believe their own publicity.
The plain fact is that underneath all the touchy feely, huggy, huggy hype of David Cameron if you peel back the mask underneath you will find the same unpleasant, selfish I'm all right Jack Tory party and if you dont believe me follow the postings on Simon ( I'm Gods gift to everything) Moores Blog.

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