Friday, June 29, 2007

Turmoil and Defections

Observer was reliably informed as far back as last Thursday from three separate and usually reliable sources that all was not well with the Ramsgate First Boys and Girls.
Apparently there had been a big falling out followed by resignations galore, this has been confirmed in todays Gazette.
All this may have something to do with the rumours that are circulating Ramsgate that Ramsgate First’s Cllr Mike Taylor is about to ‘cross the floor’ and join his old chums the Tories. For those that don’t know he used to be the Chairman of what was the Westcliff branch of the Conservative Party, he then defected to UKIP as the Conservatives “ weren’t right wing enough for me “. He is as far as I know still a member of UKIP, indeed he stood as a UKIP candidate in the Sir Moses Montifiore by election caused by the sad demise of Labours Dick Dickinson.
Now you have to understand that I am a bit thick but how can you be a member of one Party, get elected on the ticket of a second Party and then represent another in a public forum,,???
Allegedly one of his reasons for defecting to the Tories is financial, apparently he seems to think he hasn’t got enough Committee’s as a member of a small ‘Group’ ( oh yes, the err, Independents have formed a Group) so by being a member of the Tory Group he will get more committee’s and so increase his income. He obviously doesn’t know that Councillors Allowances are not determined by how many committee’s a member sits on, they get a standard allowance, maybe the Tories answer to Marta Hari who was apparently seen deep in conversation with said turncoat at a recent meeting should have explained that to him.
All of the foregoing doesn’t take into account the fact that he was elected as a Ramsgate First Councillor and the good voters of Central Harbour rejected three Conservative candidates in favour of alternative policies. When this becomes public knowledge (oh dear, have I let the cat out of the bag?) there will inevitably be a public outcry and calls for him to resign and refight the Central Harbour seat under his true blue colours.
If he has an ounce of honour or decency he will, but don’t try holding your breath until that time.


Ear to the ground said...

From what I've heard both UKIP and Ramsgate First will be glad to see the back of him. The TG got some of it right but obviously Mike Taylor's statement, written before the meeting Tuesday night, gives a very one-sided view of the whole disgraceful episode.

Anonymous said...

Power corrupts, absolute power corrputs absolutely!

Anonymous said...

Oops - sorry! That should have read "power corrputs, absolute power corrputs absolutely!"

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