Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now the dust has settled and election fever has subsided it is time to stand back and take a look at some of our new Councillors.
Where to start ?
Lets begin with the so called Ramsgate First Councillor who has covered himself with glory already, Mike Taylor has tried several times under different guises to get himself elected, having finally succeeded he now represent an organisation that wants to abolish the Ramsgate Charter Trustee’s.
One of his first acts was to dress himself up in the Trumpton like fancy costume that passes for ‘The Robes of Office’ and parade himself in front of the assembled multitudes at the annual Mayor making.

Hypocrisy of the first order methinks !!

While on the subject of Ramsgate First, it’s nice to see that their website is kept up to date, (NOT) it currently looks like they have forgotten to take the Christmas deccies down!!!

Another new boy is also in Central Harbour Ward, Westcliff to you and me, is Labour’s Peter Campbell. Cllr Campbell worked hard during the election and knocked on every door in his Ward. It remains to be seen if he walks the walk having talked the talk to good effect during the election.

Over in Eastcliff Labours Dave Green and Steve Ward are joined by new girl Kerry Harker. Kerry is apparently a nurse so has probably had plenty of experience of daft old duffers who have seen it and done it all. No doubt she will benefit from some sage guidance from the two senior Labour members.

Up in Sir Moses Ward Michelle Fenner and Alan Pool both retained their seats no doubt helped by their campaign the stop development of land at the side of King George Park. Observer hears that they continue to poke a sharp stick into the wound that is the Tory fiasco over this site.
More power to their elbow I say.

Meanwhile down in Nethercourt poor old Dennis Hart was unceremoniously dumped in favour of Brenda Rogers who looks like an airheaded bimbo who has never had a political thought in her head, I may well be doing the poor girl an injustice but only time will tell.

In outer Ramsgate all is well in the Labour heartland of Newington and Northwood where despite a furious onslaught from all sides sanity prevailed and the sitting Councillors were all returned with the addition of Labour new boy Mark Nottingham in Northwood.

Further afield Ella Lodge-Pritchard and Harry Scobie swept the board for Labour in Salmestone so poor old James Maskell was consigned to the loser’s enclosure, destined to look on from the sidelines for another four years.

Also elected was Gods answer to just about everything, well according to him anyway, Simon Moores. It seems that good old Simes has now got this Councillor business sussed,
he buggers off to exotic parts Chairing all sorts of obscure conferences leaving his co-Councillor Brian ( not me Guv ) Goodwin to do all the work, I bet that’s not what the good folk of Westgate signed up for when voting for him.

Finally who have the Tories chosen as Chairman of the Council this year?
Well its none other than the incompetent, mumbling, stumbling, incoherent former chief of Planning Disasters John Kirby, who’s performance at the Annual Council led Observer to think that he appeared very tired and emotional. No doubt he was drained from his exertions in Cliffsend during the election period.

Stop Press,

Ooops, I have just taken a look at the Ramsgate First website it seems that having run out of original ideas they are reduced to copy and pasting from the Times website.


Anonymous said...

Mike Taylor Watch

Mikes(UK Independece Party) Taylor's second great coup was to sign himself up as delegate to the Ramsgate Twinning Committee. Those Europeans not all bad after all?

Anonymous said...

The Tory backbenchers appear like extras from the Planet of the Apes except in that at least they spoke!!!
Another 4 years of taking the p**s..