Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chip 'n Bin,,,,,or much ado about nothing.

The Gazette last friday announced that TDC had wasted £10.000 'spying on residents' wheelie bin rubbish'
One Erika Osbourne who apparently wrote some thing called The Wheelie Bin Diary for IOTG ( I assume they didnt have an expert journalist in rubbish ) loudly proclaimed " It's a shock. My refuse is my refuse. What I throw away is my business "
A Civil Liberties campaigner was also enraged and screeched " It's appaling. Its an excuse for them to poke their noses into our bins"
Malcom Kirkaldie of Ramsgate was also incensed, " people have given their lives to prevent these kinds of intrusions"
One poor old feller from Margate was so confused he thought that he may be in trouble for not throwing away enough.
I read these words with absolute disbelief, how can anyone possibly imagine that there is a micro chip capable of reading the contents of someones bin is beyond me. Dont these people realise that the chip was there for one purpose and that was to record the weight collected, not to see how many empties or used packets of cat food you are throwing away.
I was also unsuprised to realise that TDC had not thought or bothered to ask any other Council who had trialed this method what the results were before squandering ten grand of Taxpayers money.


James Maskell said...

You think the Council came up with this of their own initiative. Isnt it probably more likely this came from much further up the hierarchy than District Council. Lets see, who is at the top of the food chain when it comes to recycling...oh, its the Labour Government!

You must be joking if you think that Labour had nothing to do with this after 9 years in power.

Observer said...

So in your mind then Tony Blair and the Labour Government that are soley responsible for this fiasco?
It was TORY CONTROLLED Thanet Council that trialed this scheme.
It was TORY CONTROLLED Thanet Council that failed to ask other Councils about results.
It was TORY CONTROLLED Thanet Council who wasted £10.000 of taxpayers money.
It was TORY CONTROLLED Thanet Council that failed to inform residents about he chip in the bin.
It was the Cabinet Members of the TORY PARTY that approved this madcap scheme in the first place.
And you think it was Labours fault < confused look >

James Maskell said...

The fact it was trialled meant it come from elsewhere. I know the LGA has been connected to this by setting up the trials. The LGA wouldnt have approved it unless authority higher up wanted them to. So it wasnt KCC or TDC who came up with it. The LGA couldnt have come up with it initially because they simply set up the trials. Someone got the LGA to trial it...who wanted them to trial it? The Government is very hot on the whole recycling agenda. Why not the Government? They are the only ones who can give authority to the LGA to trial it and the LGA certainly wouldnt have requested that Councils bug wheelie bins themselves as they are here to represent local government. They wouldnt want it unless they were told to do it.

You might be confused but the logics pretty couldnt be the Councils, it had to be the Government.

One Voice In Thanet said...

Mr Maskell, are you SERIOUS? Would you have readers believe that if the Tory grandee and siren, Bruce-Lockhart, erstwhile Leader of a rather lacklustre Kent County Council, thought this scheme was a bad idea he would not, as Chair of the LGA, say so very loudly. He is very prone to criticise the present Government, so I don't think he'd keep his powder dry here, if he had any!