Monday, September 04, 2006

Observing Thanet

Things to watch,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Revolution Skatepark and the goings on at TCDT,,

The future of the Theatre Royal in Margate,,,has it got one????

Public funding for activities at Manston Airport,,,

Why have so many senior staff 'walked away' from extremly well paid jobs at Thanet District Council?????

Will Ramsgate get its own Parish/Town Council????

So what good news will Tuesday's paper bring ?????

watch this space:-


Graham said...

A welcome change I hope from the Tory spin machine!

Observer said...


Anonymous said...

I am sure you will get some hostile contributions from the Biggles Supporters Club, but keep at it, Observer. I will certainly support you.

You are only allowed to contribute to the Biggles site if you are "on his message". If you press alternative views firmly, or if you get a bit too close to home and the truth about TDC's "affairs", you get blocked. There is so much back-scratching going on around that site, it makes me itch!