Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goodbye Biggles

So Dr Moores has decided to call it a day when his Blog reaches 200.000 hits. He claims it has served its purpose and is taking up to much of his time. That may very well be the case, alternatively it could be that there are now several other Blogs that are creating talking points and putting a different slant on local news and issues and he is no longer able to propound the Tory Mantra unopposed. Undoubtedly Thanet Life has contributed to and increased awareness of Blogs in Thanet but has it contributed to a wider understanding of the issues or has it just been a vehicle for the disaffected to let off steam?
While Blogs give the opportunity for those people who do not have the chance to make their view's known in public they also give a platform for some of the more extreme and bizarre opinions to be expressed in public.

So should Blogs be a) a diary of the writers life, b) a platform for extreme veiws,
or c) a debating forum where people are free to express differering veiws?



Little Weed said...

Blogs should be whatever the person, who has taken the time to create it, wants it to be

James Maskell said...

A backlash seems to be starting now against a lot of politically leaning websites, for being politically leaning. Ive noticed it with a number of other weblogs, not just Thanet Life.

In the world of debate, extreme views appear. Its the way things go. Whether they be conservative or socialist, there are extremes and they tend to emerge on new mediums, like the internet. Moderates tend to be a little slower off the mark and need a little prodding in the new directions.

I fear this website is going to go in the same direction as those who are being hit back at. The problem is balance. This website is very much against the Council and in support of the Labour group at TDC, though I doubt this weblog owner really is a TDC rep for the Labour Group.

SkinOfStars said...

hehe, surely by putting the word 'discuss' you are answering as view 'c'.

really a blog is personal views when it is written by one person and the debates that form out of them are only on that one persons view.

surely for a more unbiased discussion area it would require forum software ratehr than blogging software.

Anonymous said...

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