Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No news yet on the much trumpeted news that six Thanet Councillors have allegedly stated their support for Ramsgate First,,,,these are the folks who have fanciful notions of having a Ramsgate Town Council and spending very little money and acheiving a new Marina swimming pool,,more policmen in the town,,refurbishing Westcliff Hall,,,more advertising Ramsgate,,,and so on and so on,all at no extra cost to Ramsgate taxpayers,,,

anyway back to what I was saying,,,,six Councillors have stated support for a Ramsgate Town Council,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Observer hears that one lives in Birchington,and one is a Broadstairs Town Councillor already but no sign of the other four or any public statements of support,,,,,,,,,,
when are the ' Silent Six' going to come out of the closet?????


Chris Wells said...

It would be ludicrous and illogical for any existing town or parish councillor to oppose the creation of one in a nearby town if support for a town council could be proved, dont you think?

Observer said...

As usual Chris Wells misses the point,,,I dont care where they live IF and its a big IF six TDC Councillors have given their support for this idea as Gerry O'Donell claims why dont they come out and say so in public ??
I rather suspect that as usual this is just another figment of his imagination and a rather feeble attempt to convince people that there is sufficient support for what will be an expensive, ineffective luxury. Take a look at some of our Parish Councils in Thanet, or better still Broadstairs Town Council.........
Why dont we have some kind of Town Referendum? rather than people collecting names on a petition and being conned by Ramshate First spin.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea, lets ask the town of Ramsgate if they want a Town Council, not just those who sign petitions, but others who may think deeply about the issues of local representation. We agree, and I dont need to be rude about it......

Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get this comment under the Revolution item, but that's where it needs to be!

I share your cynicism about this story. Councillor Wells is busying himself trying to bring about a solution, which in the overall scheme of things is good. However, he is using this activity to deflect any questions about the actions and behaviours of his three Tory colleagues - Ezekiel, Spencer, and Bayford - on the TCDT Board.

There is no reason why these questions should not be on the table NOW.

I can only presume that between the three of them, they have either been failing to attend Board meetings and missed the issue completely, or (worse) they - by design or accident - approved the rent increase at a Board meeting. They are now playing for time in the hope that they can "save" the park and draw attention away from what looks like a monumental political blunder for the Tories.

Again, Biggles won't allow these comments because he is desperate to cultivate and cement his relationship with both Wells and Ezekiel. I can only speculate as to why. Perhaps Biggles is a power behind their throne, either financially or ideologically?

Anonymous said...

It appears Cllr "democracy & free speech" Wells's solution is so good that the Revolution guys are not allowed to speak to the press or anyone about this solution. Also it appears the "solution" lasts till Christmas when no doubt if the skatepark goes under no one will notice as everyone is enjoying the festive season and the press are quiet.
This pathetic move will not work!!
We are watching!!

Anonymous said...

Come on the "silent and hidden six"
if you believe in what you have supposed to have said then come forward. Or more likely this is another episode of lies, spin and fantasy from O'Donnel and his little tribe of supporters.