Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Revolution Update

Our glorious first Citizein has announced 'efforts' to resolve the ongoing crisis at Revolution Skatepark. See Biggles Weblog. It also seems the Bearded One has been busy beavering away in the background. Still no news on what the position of TDC representatives attending TCDT board meetings is. There is much mention of 'Observing', but very little of actually participating. The question therefore is do TDC representatives actually know what their role is? if not why not? when was the role changed, if so when and by who? ( TDC representatives used to be FULL members) do they even care? are they just paying lip service to what is an issue of the moment? Are our glorious First Citizein and Ice Maiden Ingrid the right people to represent TDC at this organisation?

So many questions and so few answers!!

Observer also hears that The Wise One is incensed at the Bearded One's efforts to reach some sort of conclusion. No doubt when The Jovial General returns from family business he will sort it out by barking a few commands at his perceived inferiors.