Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thanet Guide for Americans

Apparently the Adscene are to help produce a 'Guide to Thanet' for the bosses of CI Travel, thats the company who are supposed to be bringing in American tourists from next May.
Readers are invited to submit suggestions for inclusion in this guide.
And all the while there was I thinking that the Taxpayers funded lots of jolly folk at KCC and Thanet Councils whose job this was, also of course there are the other Quangos that employ more jolly people to do this kind of thing.
While it is NOT my intention to decry Margate I do think it is a bit of an exageration for CI's Director of Marketing and PR Victoria Cash to describe Margate as 'a lovely romantic destination'.
As I have said elsewhere I hope that the Airport is a success but there are still a couple of things bothering me,

As far as I know no contract has yet been signed between Infratil and CI Travel,

As yet the Airport still only employs TWO permanent full time staff,
The Manager and his nephew the Freight Manager,,( note to self ,,possible nepotism? )

The radar as yet has not been repaired, that probably accounts for some of the bizzare flight paths taken lately,

Where exactly are these hords of American tourists going to stay?, we hear only last week that another two large hotels are in trouble.

Or is this all just a sop to Thanet and the original plan is still to fly these folks into KIA and "spend a couple of days in Canterbury before moving on"


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Anonymous said...

The Thanet Guide for Americans.... Out of the airport, turn right and follow signs for canterbury and London!!!