Wednesday, September 13, 2006


People often ask why do so many people in Thanet think that the local papers are rubbish?
reproduced below is an article and photo from Tuesdays Thanet Times,,,,,,

Not much wrong with that you might think,,,,,well its a good thing that as a result of the previous Labour Councils forward thinking jobs are being created,,,,more investment in Thanet...etc, etc.

HOWEVER our wonderful local rag has decided to move Wickes new store from its current location on Thanet Reach to the former Pearce signs site....maybe a photo of the new store taking shape would have a) informed them exactly where it is and b) portrayed a more positive image for Thanet rather than the impression given that the unused building had been left to go derelict before anything was done,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if they cant get an innocuous little story like this right what hope is there of ever getting a more important story right,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Of course to get the facts you have to get up off your butt and go out and talk to people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,much easier to take an old photo out of the archives and add a few words of what you think are the facts and publish,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At least they have had the decency to acknowledge the mistake in today 'paper'


Anonymous said...

Not only did they get the site wrong but this shambolic Council have again ignored the traffic implications. The roundabout at Tesco/Sainsbury has often been clogged up due to the Westwood roundabout but now the increasing traffic accessing Wicks, PC World and Currys is going to make things even worse.
Again no thought or care has been forthcomming by the Tories who care nothing for local residents or businesses.

adem said...

Very poor work there. Did they not notice the new Homebase store??

James Maskell said...

The Labour Group supported these plans as well. They support the Westwood Housing estate and wish to expand it so that it is "self contained"...whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

Its true that the Labour Group supported the plans for Westwood, they also had a Transport Plan that was intended to solve the expected traffic problems around that area, and guess what,,,one of the first things that the Tories did in May 2003 was to shelve those plans,,,they now of course deny that any plans existed as they want to be seen to be 'working on the problem'
If I were a gambling man I would wager that at some point after Christmas the original plan will reappear as if by magic and Ezekiel & co will claim credit for it,,,,,,,,,,,,,
oh, and by the way James would you use this Blog to point me in the direction of the statement that ' They ( the Labour Group) support the Westwood Housing estate and wish to expand it so that it is "self contained"...'

Or is that another carefully chosen not quite true/untrue phrase designed to discredit The Labour Group?

James Maskell said...

Cllr David Green said that on his own blog as well as the same wording on Thanet Life.

Anonymous said...

Err,James,, I dont think it was Dave Green who posted that, it was all my own work,,,,and thoughts,, and presumably you have been unable to point us in the direction of the offending statenment on either of those two blogs,,,,,, that must be because it was wishful thinking on your part,,,,

Observer said...

It most definitly wasnt Dave Green it was,,,,,,,,,,,,no,,, I shall respect that persons wish for anonimity.

James Maskell said...

"The more self contained it is, with shops, community centre, primary school, good foot and cycling routes, the better"

Cllr Green speaking as Planning and development spokesman for the Labour Group at TDC.

Observer said...

And that surely is better than having extra traffic trying to go out or come into this proposed new housing estate.
Of course that doesnt take account of all the Mums in their chelsea tractors taking the little darlings to school,,,,,,,,,
note the comment about good foot and cycling routes,

One Voice In Thanet said...

I agree with you about the quality and accuracy of local news reporting. I am also concerned about the overt political bias of Thanet's "alternative newspaper", Mr Moores's "Thanet Life". I am beginning to run some thoughts on this on my own blog - Thanetonian. Take a look!